Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Post 2- Ecology

Wildlife Ecology

Wildlife ecologists are scientists who study animal populations and human/animal interactions. Ecologists work to study and learn more about how an animal works with their habitat and how they help. Ecologists also study agriculture of certain ecosystems and how they affect other plants and animals. Their main focus when working with animals is the animal's population and keeping it maintained and healthy. Northern Arizona University says "An undergraduate degree is sufficient for some entry-level careers, while some higher-levels will require a master's degree. A Ph.D. is often required for independent research positions. "

In my opinion, I feel ecology is more for people who want to help the animal and plant populations and keep them at a healthy state. When they work at zoos they mainly help with their environment.

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  1. Good posts. Well-written and informative. I'd like to see you also include photos, links, and quotes with your posts. --RW